Zindell New Photo David Zindell
Experienced Instructor and Bestselling Author

David has been an internationally bestselling author, publishing ten novels celebrating people’s potential for brilliance. He scored perfectly on the SAT and received a BA in mathematics from the University of Colorado before turning to writing and then teaching. He has held workshops to help upcoming writers develop their talent; he has also taught algebra, geometry, precalc, and calculus to students at a Denver private school and coached analysts at a top Denver investment bank. As a test prep coach, he began teaching the GRE and GMAT at an international language school in Denver. His hundreds of students have come from all over the world, from Mongolia to Morocco, from Columbia to Colorado. He’ll do pretty much anything to help his students find creative ways to learn more effectively and to have at least a little fun. When not busy teaching or writing, he enjoys playing the Native American Flute, hiking in the beautiful mountains, and hanging out with his brilliant daughters.

Location: Mindfish Denver, Mindfish Lakewood, Mindfish DTC, Online
Expertise: SAT / ACT, Literature, Math, GRE, GMAT