IMG 8684 Mady B
Standardized testing master, Pepperdine grad, and passionate traveler

Mady Baucum grew up in Dallas, TX and after scoring in the 99th+ percentile on the ACT, moved to California to attend Pepperdine. She was particularly passionate about their study abroad program and spent her entire sophomore year living in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she stayed with a host family and learned to speak Spanish. Once she graduated, Mady spent time living and working in Austin, Texas and Yosemite before moving to Colorado where she now works as a Social Media Manager for several prominent national brands and continues to pursue her passion for education. She loves working with students and finding a prep plan that’s effective for them – she understands that each student is different and needs their own plan of action to get the best score possible on their ACT or SAT, and this approach has allowed her to develop a great track record with students across various score ranges.

Location: Boulder, Online
Expertise: SAT / ACT