Shira Hecht Headshot
Georgetown graduate with a Masters from UT Austin. Longtime tutor and college coach.
Shira Hecht has her Master’s degree from the University of Texas, Austin, Steve Hicks School of Social Work, and she currently works with adolescents in the Denver area. After graduating from Georgetown University, where she studied English and linguistics, Shira lived in Washington, DC, working in media and public relations. Since beginning her Master’s degree studies in 2014, she has dedicated herself to working with high school students applying to college. Previously also worked with teenagers at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth summer programs. When not working with students Shira enjoys hockey, hiking, and science fiction.
Location: Mindfish Denver
Expertise: ACT, SAT, Essay Writing, GRE, SAT Subject Tests (Literature, US History, Hebrew Language), AP/IB Classes (United States History, Psychology, Art History, English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition), & School Subjects (Algebra I)