Homeschool Curriculum Design Consultation

Given the challenges of effective social distancing and distance learning in schools this year, many parents are considering homeschooling their students for the first time. In Colorado, parents who want to homeschool must send a notice of intent to their school district 14 days prior to the start of the school year.

The selection of curriculum is at the discretion of the parent who is overseeing the homeschooling program, which must include at least 172 days of instruction with an average of four hours per day. This can be an incredibly daunting task for parents making this choice, especially those making the choice for the first time.

Mindfish is here to help you develop a homeschool program that is customized to your particular student and their learning needs.

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There are many things to consider when choosing a curriculum to use to homeschool your student:

  • What subjects should you teach? Colorado programs are required to include communications skills, math, history, civics and the US constitution, literature, science, depending on your student’s grade level. Beyond those, you may also opt to teach elective courses based on your student’s interests.
  • What type of curriculum do you want to use? How independent is your student when learning new material? There are a variety of instruction types, including video and internet-based lessons, parent-taught lessons, and textbook-based curriculums.

Mindfish’s education consultant will walk you through the process of selecting a curriculum that is best for your child’s learning needs, your budget, and your preferred level of involvement/direct instruction time. Our consultation is $149, which can be credited toward your student’s personalized tutoring support or academic management program.

Your consultation will include two 30-minute meetings with our homeschool program director. The first session will allow our homeschool program director to learn more about your student’s individual goals and needs, from both the student and parent perspectives, based on a discussion of the student’s learning style, course preferences, and goals. The homeschool director will follow-up via email with any necessary placement tests. During the second session, the homeschool program director will walk you through her recommendations for your customized curriculum, presenting samples of the materials as available and any modifications needed to assist your student or meet their educational goals.

Give us a call at (720) 204-1041 or send us an email at to schedule your consultation.

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