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Homeschool Learning Opportunities with Mindfish

The modern homeschool revolution began in the early 1970s when John Holt, an educational theorist, criticized the “oppressive classroom environments” in public schools. Today, approximately two million children currently learn from the comfort of their homes, with statistics showing an increase of 7% to 15% per year.

Homeschooling unlocks a whirlwind of valuable opportunities for students to expand knowledge and transferable skills as well as cultivate unique qualities and interests. Homeschool education continues to prove that students can achieve the same level of success – if not more – than their public and even private school peers.

What are the Advantages of Homeschool Learning?

Homeschooling’s unique pathway to education yields positive results due to its individualized nature. As such, homeschool parents can focus on subjects and value systems that interest and excite students. Moreover, homeschool instruction grants parents flexible schedules and the freedom to integrate subjects outside of the mandated curriculum.

Laser-Focused Attention

Homeschool students perform on the same level as their public school peers. According to a 2014 NHERI report, homeschooled students scored above average on the national standard for all high school seniors. In the majority of cases, homeschool students thrive from private one-on-one attention allowing families to assess a student’s strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, and interests. Homeschooling also allows students to move through educational materials at a faster pace than in public or private schools.

When a student struggles to grasp complex subjects or concepts, homeschooling parents can provide extra support until their student masters the material. This flexibility engenders highly motivated learners, thereby molding them into better students. Homeschooling also affords extra opportunities to dive into compelling subjects outside of the “Core Four” areas of study: English, Mathematics, Science, and History.

An Innovative & Flexible Curriculum

Despite achieving varying levels of success, some public-school districts are unsuccessful in catering to the needs of the individual student. Homeschoolers can receive a higher quality education from a customized curriculum. Homeschoolers also experience more diverse opportunities due to the flexibility of their scheduled studies and hands-on learning models from visiting museums, libraries, businesses, parks, marinas, and other community resources. Students may also volunteer or take part in “service learning” where they assist with local community projects.

Remove Distractions & Negative Influences

Some parents opt for homeschooling due to growing safety concerns. Bullying, drugs, negative peer pressure, and underfunded schools can all impede a student’s educational and developmental progress. Whatever pathway students and parents choose, remember to weigh the pros and cons, and consider how students can best meet goals. Each child is unique, so parents must acknowledge this to tap into a homeschool child’s true potential.

What Higher Education Opportunities Exist For Homeschool Students?

More than a decade ago, homeschool students applying to college stood out because of the low number of students participating in homeschool learning. Today, college admission has evolved into a game of numbers – GPAs, test scores, rankings, and admission rates. The complexity of college admissions should never deter homeschool students from reaching higher learning goals. With guidance from an experienced college counselor, homeschool students can make a strong impression and increase the chances of enrolling in a top university.

Colleges and Universities do not discriminate against homeschooled students. Moreover, some Ivy League universities, such as Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, aggressively recruit homeschool students. So homeschool learning does not reduce a student’s chances of acceptance into a university compared to students in public school. Homeschoolers also meet the requirements to qualify for financial aid and scholarships when applying to colleges or universities.

Setting Homeschool Students in Denver Up For Success

Denver is the ideal location for adventure seekers looking to explore beautiful mountain peaks and valleys. Home to Colorado’s capital, both visitors and residents will feel captivated by Denver’s friendly neighborhoods like the Highlands, River North (RiNo), Sunnyside, and Platt Park. Whether you’re an adrenaline seeker or just looking to enjoy nature’s beauty, there are dozens of day trips suitable for the entire family all year round. Nearly 92,000 students attend schools within the Denver Public Schools (DPS), which consists of 92 elementary schools, 18 K-8 schools, 34 middle schools, 44 high schools, and 19 charter schools. Students living in the surrounding Denver area can enroll in Colorado State University, Colorado College, and Regis University.

Better Life Balance for Homeschool Students in Boulder

Thirty minutes outside of Denver, Boulder sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With thousands of acres of open space, both visitors and residents can gaze at the stunning mountain views from several vantage points, including Bear Peak and Flagstaff Mountain. Boulder boats a renowned reputation for its art district, local culture, and educational excellence. With the downtown Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and Pearl Street Mall, visitors can enjoy a classic show and dining options within the surrounding area. Students living in the nearby Boulder area can attend renowned institutions such as the University of Colorado Boulder and Naropa University.

After opening our doors in 2006, Mindfish quickly became the top-choice academic tutoring center for students living near the Boulder and Denver area. Our world-class tutors and education consultants can develop a homeschool or remote learning support program that is customized for your student’s learning needs. Programs include one-on-one tutoring, small group instruction, homeschool curriculum consultations, and academic management. Parents may customize their packages to better align with their student’s unique needs and goals. Homeschool students have a bright future ahead of them, and we look forward to unlocking your student’s unlimited potential.

Give us a call at (720) 204-1041 or send us an email at info@mindfish.com.