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Our Elite Tutoring / Perfect Score Program

Score Peak is designed to help exceptionally motivated students achieve huge gains on the SAT or ACT and truly maximize their scores. Are you seeking an improvement of 6+ points on the ACT or 250+ points on the SAT? Are you aiming to score in the 99th percentile on either test or even seeking a perfect 1600 or 36? Our elite tutoring program might be a great fit for you.

Let’s talk about your plans and goals

 A near-perfect score or huge improvement on the SAT or ACT can be life-changing, opening doors to educational opportunities previously thought off-limits and unlocking massive financial aid opportunities.

At Mindfish we’re dedicated to helping all of our students achieve their academic potential. But, not every student is a good candidate for our Score Peak program. We don’t sell Score Peak programs online because we want to talk or meet with interested students and families first to make sure we’ve got a good match.

Learn from the most experienced and effective tutors at Mindfish

We have many amazing tutors at Mindfish and our Score Peak tutors are the best of the best. All tutors who work with Score Peak students have been specifically trained to work with ultra-motivated and high-achieving students, have helped countless students achieve 99th plus percentile scores on the SAT and ACT, and have completed over 1000 hours of instruction.

Let’s dig in and work hard on this together

Not only are Score Peak students paired up with our very best tutors, we expect these students to engage with their test prep process on a deeper level than most of their peers. We’ll assign roughly one hour of homework every day throughout this program (most students do half that) and have Score Peak students complete at least 6 proctored practice tests throughout their program (again, double the number most students complete).  Engaged Students + Brilliant, Motivating Tutors = Testing Success

If you’re motivated to really dig into your test prep studies we can take your scores wherever you want to go.

Program Oversight by the Co-Founders of Mindfish

 From your initial consultation through your amazing final scores, Mindfish’s Co-Founders Bill Huston and Ryan Krug will design and oversee all aspects of your Score Peak program. Together Bill and Ryan have nearly 40 years of high end test preparation experience, and in many ways they’re our original Score Peak tutors. While Ryan and Bill aren’t personally taking on students right now, they’re excited to oversee our students’ Score Peak programs. Ryan and Bill will set you up with the best tutor to maximize your success, design an optimal schedule and plan, and check in regularly on your process and progress throughout the whole experience.

Score Peak tutoring starts at $220 per hour and we have discounts available for packages of 15-hours or more.

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