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ACT Test Prep for Students with Learning Disabilities in Denver, CO

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Students with undiagnosed learning disabilities including ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyscalculia often face an uphill battle with their ACT exams. Get ahead and find out if your child is struggling with a learning disability that is taking a toll on their ACT scores and academic grades. Denver-based students with ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, and Autism all share a similar uphill battle in the classroom. Mindfish can help put your child on track to success with our carefully built strategies and assistance from our expert ACT Learning Disability instructors.

How Can Students with Learning Disabilities Prep for the ACT?

Whether it may be ADHD, Autism, or Dyslexia, Students with a learning disability are still expected to take standardized tests. Learning disabilities can make it much more difficult for students to focus, complete assignments, and comprehend content, but that won’t stop them from graduating. There are many options that LD students have when it comes to ACT prep, and it starts with identifying where the trouble areas are. Mindfish offers excellent one-on-one online tutoring sessions for students who need extra attention in certain subjects. Students with learning disabilities could benefit from this virtual environment with further structure and guidance from an expert Mindfish instructor.

Once a student’s LD difficulties are diagnosed, as a parent, you can begin reaching out to academic professionals for help. In some cases, students view teachers as adversarial and shy away from asking for help causing them to fall further behind. At Mindfish, our remote tutors put your child and their ACT test needs first, being present each step of the way to guide the student in the direction to success.

What are the Learning Disability Accommodations for the ACT?

For students that struggle with a learning disability, the ACT offers various forms of accommodations. The ACT test offers extended time to those who struggle with time management skills and reading comprehension issues. An approved LD student can receive an extra 50% or 100% of the original time given and even multi-day testing to finish their ACT exam. Another common ACT accommodation offer is computer usage. Sometimes students whose disabilities interfere with their writing are allowed use of a computer to type written responses as an alternative. The Mindfish tutors are well-versed in learning disabilities such as Surface Dyslexia, Rapid Automatic Naming Dyslexia, and Double Deficit Dyslexia and have had years of experience in working with LD Dyslexia students both in-person and online.

Learning disability students with severe reading comprehension issues are allowed to register to have an instructor read the ACT passages and questions aloud to them during the exam for a better understanding of the content. Small learning changes to students with Autism and ADHD make a world of a difference. With Mindfish’s program, students will develop essential skills such as time and stress management, test and note-taking techniques, and organization skills to best prepare for their ACT exam.

The Top ACT Tutoring Center for Learning Disabilities in Denver, CO

Denver based students with disabilities like ADHD and Dyslexia work best in one-on-one environments, so they can focus on one task at a time easier. Mindfish only recruits the best of the best, experienced LD tutors who hold degrees from prestigious universities. When you register your child for Mindfish, a dedicated instructor will be by their side the entire session to work on Reading, Writing, and Mathematics in preparation for their upcoming ACT exam.

At Mindfish, we believe it’s our responsibility to provide your child with the necessary tools to prepare for and succeed on standardized exams, term papers, and projects throughout the student’s academic journey. There are free practice tests available at the official SAT, ACT, and College Boards websites. Taking a practice test is a great place to start, but a single score from a free practice test can only reveal so much on its own. Students are diverse and unique individuals. While a free mock test may bluntly estimate a baseline score, it can’t provide specific feedback about the student’s testing process, strategies, or timeline. While comparing the scores from free ACT & SAT practice tests is very helpful, hiring a test prep professional early in the process can supercharge the usefulness of the practice tests. At Mindfish, we conduct an in-depth analysis of each student’s scores to identify strengths and opportunities and devise a personalized and efficient plan. The result is a customized, data-driven approach much more targeted and actionable than a free mock practice test.

If you think your LD student could benefit from test prep tutoring, academic support, or study skills tutoring, call (720) 204-1041 today!