Headshot Andrew Swackhamer
Aerospace Engineer and Space Sustainability Enthusiast
Andrew Swackhamer is from Reno, Nevada and attended Earl Wooster High School, where he received his IB Diploma and was the driving force behind the creation and expansion of student-run extracurriculars such as Speech & Debate and Model UN. After spending his freshman year at the University of Nevada, Andrew transferred to the University of Colorado Boulder to pursue a degree in aerospace engineering. Originally set to graduate in Spring 2021, he decided to postpone his graduation due to Covid-19 and took a gap year to immerse himself in the Space Sustainability Initiative, a new research effort created by CU’s Schools of Business and Aerospace Engineering.
As a multidisciplinary learner, Andrew is drawn to the challenges of balancing the interests of a wide range of fields when it comes to furthering the development of a burgeoning space economy in a safe and responsible manner. Andrew has several years’ experience tutoring middle and high school students in a variety of subjects, as well as helping them develop skills that have applications to almost any degree and career choice, such as professional communication, organizational discipline, and resume building. Outside of school and work, Andrew enjoys long hikes and morning bike rides, as well as visiting National Parks whenever he gets the chance. He also likes to play the popular online video game, League of Legends, as well as other board games, and enjoys thrifting on weekends to explore different fashion trends.

Location: Mindfish Boulder, Remote
Expertise: ACT, SAT