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Calling All Colorado All Star Students

Are you a high-achieving high school student looking for a challenging and supportive academic experience for college, and you want to stay in beautiful, sunny Colorado? First of all, congratulations, you have excellent taste. Second, an Honors College or Honors Program may be the answer to all your college questions.  

Several of the colleges and universities within Colorado offer special opportunities for academically talented students who want to challenge themselves in their higher education. These Honors programs can offer a wide variety of support and opportunity to enrich your college experience. Some of these programs offer special Honors Housing, scholarship support, priority class registration, and research opportunities, as well as specialized advising, mentoring, and career planning.  

Think of some of these programs as an elite school within a school. Honors programs are typically highly selective, and sometimes are by invitation only. These Honors students get the best of both worlds: they can get the benefit of attending a super-selective school, while staying in-state in beautiful Colorado.  

If you or your student is looking for that special program to support their academic drive, consider some of these programs.

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