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On Tuesday, October 15, students in Colorado will be able to submit applications to most colleges in the state for free. All public colleges and universities in the state participate in Colorado’s Free App Day, as well as many private schools. To receive this fee waiver, students must submit their completed application materials between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM on October 15. Click here to learn more about Free App Day from the Colorado Department of Higher Education: https://highered.colorado.gov/freeappdayco.html

Save Money and Get Your College Applications Done!

College application fees in Colorado range can be anywhere from $40 (Regis Jesuit) to $50 (CU Boulder) to $65 (University of Denver). If you’re applying to several schools in Colorado, these fees can add up to a few hundred dollars pretty quickly. This opportunity to save money on Free App Day is open to all Colorado residents, including students applying to 4-year colleges or Universities and 2-year community colleges and technical colleges. You can benefit from Free App Day whether you’re applying to college for the first time, or transferring from one Colorado college to another.

Where Can I Apply?

All public 4-year colleges and universities and all 2-year community colleges and technical colleges in Colorado will waive their application fees on Tuesday, October 15. Remember not to apply too early or too late!

Click here for a full list of participating schools.

In addition, some private colleges and universities in Colorado have agreed to waive application fees on October 15:

Colorado College 
Johnson & Wales University Denver 
Regis University 
University of Denver 

Remember: many Colorado colleges and universities accept the Common Application. This means you can apply to several schools at once by only filling out one app, all for free on 10/15/19. 

Although Free App Day is on October 15, it’s a good idea to get your applications done (including essays, letters of recommendation, sending SAT / ACT scores, etc.) before that time. Then, you can just hit send on Free App Day!