1-on-1 ISEE, SSAT & HSPT Prep Tutoring

  • Our world-class tutors are ready to help you ace the ISEE, SSAT or HSPT and gain admission to your top private school choices.

    $130 per hour (discounts for packages of 15 hours or more).

    (Please note that we charge a $50 materials fee for packages of fewer than 8 hours.)

    We currently have limited availability for in-person tutoring at all of our offices, but a great deal of availability for remote work on Zoom.

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1-on-1 Test Prep Tutoring for Private School Admissions (ISEE, SSAT & HSPT)

Our world-class tutors are available to work individually with students preparing for the ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT as part of the private school admissions process.

1-on-1 Test Prep Tutoring for ISEE, SSAT, and HSPT

Achieving your full potential on these standardized tests requires a course of preparation tailored specifically for you. Given that many students plan to take two or three of these test types, our tutors can tailor your program to maximize your time based on what skills and content are necessary for the tests you plan to take. Because several schools accept more than one of these tests, we can also help you pick which test you are likely to do best on. Our exceptional tutors can design a curriculum based upon your skills, abilities, educational background, and challenges to create a test prep experience that is efficient, targeted, and effective.

For many students, these tests are their first experiences with high-stakes standardized testing, so we help students get comfortable with the format of these standardized tests and the stress that accompanies the testing process. Unlike the standardized tests for college admission (ACT and SAT), these tests are designed to cover material that will be unfamiliar to the students taking them, which often causes high anxiety for test-takers. Our tutors can help your students maximize their scores based on the material that they do know and will teach them useful strategies for dealing with any material they are unfamiliar with, using their time effectively, developing a mistake-proof process, and beating test-day anxiety.

About the Tests

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is used for admission to private middle and high schools and offers four test levels depending on the student’s grade level. No matter which level the student is taking, it will always include four sections: Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and Mathematics Achievement. The test also includes an unscored essay that is sent directly to the schools to which the student is applying. The majority of test dates are in the Fall and early Winter, meaning that for a 15-week program, students should typically begin their preparation in late Summer or early Fall.

The Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT) is used for admission to private middle and high schools and offers three test levels depending on the student’s grade level. The test includes Quantitative, Reading Comprehension, and Verbal Reasoning sections. Similar to the ISEE, it also includes an unscored essay sent directly to the schools to which the student is applying. The test is offered once each month October through April, meaning students should begin preparing in early Fall or Winter.

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) is administered locally by individual private (typically Catholic) high schools as part of their student admissions process, and is typically taken by 8th grade students. It includes five multiple-choice sections: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics, and Language Skills. Some schools also include optional sections on religion or science. Timing on the HSPT can be particularly difficult for students given that it contains roughly twice as many questions as the other two exams in the same amount of time. The HSPT is typically offered in December, so students should begin their preparation in early Fall.

Designing Your 1-on-1 Test Prep Tutoring Package

Our 1-on-1 test prep tutoring starts at $130/hour, and we offer discounts on packages of 15 hours or more. A 15-hour package is what we consider to be a comprehensive course that will prepare our students for all aspects of the ISEE, HSPT, or SSAT. There are a lot of factors that go into students’ improvement on these tests (student motivation, engagement, bandwidth, timing, etc.), but we’ve seen consistent results through our one-on-one test prep tutoring services. Based on your student’s performance on a Mindfish-provided practice test, we can help you design a tailored tutoring package.


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