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  • Mindfish offers expert tutoring to help students succeed in their AP and IB classes and to excel on their end-of-the-year AP and IB exams.

    Our tutors are available to help students with coursework and test prep for AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP English (Lang and Lit), AP Biology, and more. They can also help students with the IB coursework and exams required for the IB Diploma.

    $125 per hour (discounts for packages of 15 hours or more).

    Please note that we charge a $25 materials fee for programs valued at less than $1000.

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How important are AP and IB exams?

For students seeking to highlight their aptitude and experience in specific academic subjects like chemistry, calculus or physics, AP exams and IB exams can be a valuable addition to their college applications. AP and IB classes can also be very useful for students applying to specialized degree programs or competitive schools. With the College Board’s decision to end the SAT subject tests, AP and IB exams will likely carry even more weight when it comes to demonstrating a student’s strength in a specific subject.

Who are our tutors?

Our tutors have extensive teaching experience and have graduated from top universities like MIT, Stanford, Oxford, and Cornell. Many have graduate degrees. We emphasize a highly personalized approach to tutoring that seeks to maximize each individual student’s potential. Learn more about our tutors and their backgrounds here.  

Questions? Need further help?

Wondering if tutoring would be right for your AP or IB student? Give us a call at 720-204-1041 or send us an email at admin@mindfish.com, and we will be happy to assist you.

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