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Best-In-Class Private ACT Tutoring in Boulder, Colorado

Since 2006, Mindfish has solidified its position as the leading source for the best private ACT tutoring in Boulder. The hyper-competitive challenge to gain admissions to the nation’s top universities and colleges continues to accelerate. It’s no longer enough to simply do well on the ACT: students must dominate the exam and earn top scores. For students who want to push the envelope and maximize their ACT results, Mindfish can help achieve stellar scores.

Receive Personalized, One-On-One ACT Tutoring

All too often, large test prep companies fail to adjust their curricula to the individual needs of each student. You won’t find Mindfish cutting corners with a one-size-fits-all ACT curriculum. Every single aspect of our ACT tutoring program is customized to address the needs, skills, and goals of each individual student. This personalized model proves to be a superior approach because it focuses on subject areas that matter the most to each student. As a result, our tutors can bolster a student’s weakness and transform them into strengths.


At Mindfish, our #1 goal is to inspire your student to develop into a reflective, confident test taker. Practice makes perfect, and our tutors ensure your student achieves mastery by taking official ACT practice exams. Our proven methodology gives students a firsthand look at what to expect on test day.

Experience Improved ACT Scores With A Mindfish Tutor

Behind every successful Mindfish ACT student, is a team of diligent, hard-working tutors. We only hire the best of the best; all of Mindfish’s tutors scored in the 99th percentile on standardized tests, graduated from top universities, and actively participate in ongoing Mindfish test prep training. Not simply bright, our tutors serve as college prep mentors for our students, building a strong academic rapport with them and bringing their own enthusiasm and experience to every session. With an ability to frame complex concepts in an easy to understand manner, Mindfish’s tutors have efficiently guided students throughout Colorado—from Broomfield to Englewood, to Centennial – to higher ACT scores and successful college admissions.

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Don’t let the ACT test stand between your student and acceptance to his or her dream college. Mindfish has the action plan to deliver results.
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