Real Praise from Mindfish Parents and Students…

Congratulations to Alexander Dawson student C.B. who raised her ACT score by 8 points to earn a 34!

I definitely owe the 140 point jump in my Writing score to you. Thanks so much!


Congratulations to Grace E. from Overland High School, who worked with Mindfish and raised her ACT score to a 35!

Ashton just graduated from Silver Creek High School as co-valedictorian. She received the Outstanding Student Award for AP Lit and Spanish 4. She’s going to Pepperdine University in Malibu, which was her first choice school. She is so excited! I want you to know that I consider her prep work with Mindfish as a turning point in her life. Raising her scores opened her range of college possibilities and made Pepperdine a reality. I will always be grateful and appreciative of everything you have done for Ashton.


Mindfish student K. from Boulder earned a 35 on the ACT!

I wanted to say thanks again for helping me…I’m going to Brown!


After working with Mindfish, M.R. from Cherry Creek High School earned a 35 on the ACT!

Just want to say thank you for all the help you gave Scott. He did great on his ACT and SAT.


Cate K. from Boise earned a 35 on the ACT!

Tony had 36 on his ACT test. We are very excited, and we really appreciate your help. You are an excellent teacher!!! I will definitely recommend your company to our friends if they ever ask for references.


Patrick of Regis Jesuit High School Worked with Mindfish and earned a 35 on his recent ACT!

Robert came out of the SAT smiling. Can't wait to see how it went. Thank you.


Mindfish student A.A. from Regis Jesuit High School scored a 1520 on the November SAT!

Zach is going to UT Austin! He’s very excited! We can’t thank you enough for all your help in getting Zach to this stage of his life!! Again thank you, thank you, thank you.


Congrats to Grace, who scored a 1500 on the PSAT and 1580 on the SAT!

Thank you so much Mindfish for the amazing tutoring and test prep! Would highly recommend to anyone planning on taking the ACT or SAT.


Mindfish student A.S. from Grandview High School scored a perfect 36 on the ACT!

The Mindfish tutors are top-notch. They are really able to connect with high schoolers and help them understand how to take the test. My son's ACT score improved 7 points after working with a tutor for 6 weeks!


Anna form Cherry Creek High School worked with Mindfish and earned a perfect 36 on the ACT!

Really great experience. Austin prepared me well and set me up for success on the SAT!


My daughter reached her goal score and received the highest level of scholarship from her college of choice. She had a great experience and it was worth the investment.


Alexis from Cherokee Trail High School earned a 34 on her recent ACT!

Mindfish is amazing! My son's ACT score increase by 7 points.


After working with Mindfish, all three of my sons scored in the 99th percentile of students nationwide on the ACT. I recommend Mindfish to anybody taking the SAT or ACT. The Mindfish approach works!


Silver Creek High School student J.B. worked with Mindfish and raised his ACT score by 7 points!

Mindfish is an exceptional company. Our tutor was outstanding in every way. We owe Mindfish a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you!


We appreciated the care and attention we received for our son as he prepared for the SAT and ACT Exams. We were so impressed with such great tutors and their knowledge and experiences with exams and the subject matter. Thank you!


Congrats to L.P. from Cherry Creek High School for scoring a 34 on the ACT!

Katie got her scores back and she got a 33! You guys are awesome.


Claire is thrilled with her work with you and loves the supplemental material available to her. I can see that her confidence is already up. Thanks for that! We look forward to many more skype sessions this fall.


After working with Mindfish, Olivia from East High school raised her ACT score 4 points to earn a 34!

We were very impressed with Jack's SAT scores. Thank you! I'm singing your praises all over town.


Highlands Ranch High School student Kyle worked with Mindfish and earned a 34 on the recent ACT!

Worth every penny! Thank you, Mindfish, for your beautiful work!


Emily from East High School improved her score 3 points to earn a 33 on the ACT!

I’ll be attending Cornell in the fall…I couldn’t have done it without you!


Thanks for everything! I felt very confident about my ACT on Saturday!

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