College Essay Coaching

  • Our world-class college essay coaches are available to work individually to help students with all aspects of their application essays.

    We can take you from brainstorming topics through a polished essay or help at at stage of your college essay journey.

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College Application Essay Coaching

Perfect your college application essays with the help of Mindfish’s experienced writing coaches.

For many students, the personal statement can be one of the hardest parts of the entire admissions process. This assignment challenges them to vividly convey big ideas like who they are and what they value within a very small word count. Adding to the difficulty, the audience they are trying to captivate is comprised of overworked admissions officers who are already reading hundreds and thousands of other application essays.

The obstacles to a successful admissions essay are significant, but the rewards can be too. A strong essay can be the “tipping factor” that helps push a student’s application into the admitted pile. Transcripts, grades, and standardized test scores are important, but a great essay can communicate the student’s unique point-of-view in a way the quantitative data cannot.

If you’re looking to help your story stand out from the crowd, we can help. Our essay coaches can offer guidance and feedback at any stage of the process, from the very first brainstorming session to the last polish of the final draft. We can help students:

  • Identify a unique, compelling topic to write about
  • Sharpen and focus the essay’s central theme or idea
  • Create an effective organization and structure
  • Get more in-touch with their authentic voice and writing style
  • Incorporate striking descriptive or narrative elements
  • Avoid common essay flaws, clichés and traps

What is Mindfish’s essay coaching process like?

Supportive, highly individualized, and efficient. If students already have a draft, we can start by reviewing their draft. If they need help generating topic ideas, we can start there instead. From deciding on the central idea or theme, we work through multiple drafts from the big picture to the finer details, considering narrative, organization, voice, detail, syntax, diction, and more. The end product is a fully-developed, one-of-a-kind essay that tells the student’s story with skill and authenticity

It’s vital that students have authorship and ownership over their own writing, so we do not ever write essays for students. Instead, a writing coach works as a mix of a tutor and an editor, reflecting what he or she reads in the student’s work, asking questions, offering guidance, and helping students approach their writing from new perspectives.

What essay coaching packages are available?

We offer a number of essay coaching packages at different levels of student support:

  • $149 for one-hour review/consult meeting
  • $1099 for Common App/primary essay plus two supplemental essays
  • $2499 for all essays for five schools 

Interested? Have further questions?

Please contact us by email at or by phone at 720-204-1041 to learn more.


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