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AP Language & Composition Prep in Denver & Boulder

Mindfish is the leading AP Language & Composition prep and tutoring service in Boulder, Denver, and the nearby area. Mindfish is a boutique test prep company that is small enough to offer superior personalized instruction but large enough to have developed a 100% unique curriculum featuring bi-weekly proctored practice AP tests.

The successful completion of an AP exam is an excellent way for high school students to get a head start on college courses. By taking these exams, you send a strong message to college admission officers that you are ready to face rigorous and complex college-level subjects. Furthermore, many colleges offer course credits for passing AP test scores, which can save your student time and money while skipping entry-level college courses. But to earn a top score on the AP Language & Composition exam, you need to start preparing early.

At Mindfish, we offer flexible AP tutoring packages, including private 1-on-1 instruction, group sessions, and remote or in-person capabilities. Through a customized curriculum and personalized attention, the Mindfish team can help you confidently prepare for the AP Language & Composition exam.

How is the AP Language & Composition Exam Formatted?

The AP English Language & Composition exam measures the reading and writing skills your student will need in college. The AP English Language & Composition exam lasts approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. Students have 1 hour to complete the multiple-choice section (45 questions) and 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the free-response section (3 questions).

After undergoing a redesign in 2020, the multiple-choice section asks students to complete 23-25 reading questions focused on rhetorical analysis and 20-22 writing questions focused on making revisions related to diction, syntax, and other grammar concepts. The number of free-response questions remains the same but now uses an analytic rubric rather than a holistic rubric.

The breakdown of the free-response section includes:

  • 1 Synthesis question: Students read a non-fiction text and write an essay that analyzes the writer’s choices and how they contribute to the meaning and purpose of the text.
  • 1 Rhetorical Analysis question: Students read a non-fiction text and write an essay that analyzes the writer’s choices and how they contribute to the meaning and purpose of the text.
  • 1 Argument question: Students are given an open-ended topic and asked to write an evidence-based argumentative essay in response to the topic.

How is the AP Language & Composition Exam Scored?

The multiple-choice section of the exam is worth 45% of the student’s score. With 45 questions, the total number of correct responses equals the multiple-choice score. Meanwhile, the free-response section is worth the other 55%. Your student will receive a score from 0-6 for each free-response question based on the three major areas:

  • Thesis (0 to 1 point): Is there a thesis, and does it properly respond to the prompt?
  • Evidence and Commentary (0 to 4 points): Does the essay include supporting evidence and analysis that is relevant, specific, well organized, and supports the thesis?
  • Sophistication (0 to 1 point): Is the essay well crafted and show a sufficiently nuanced understanding of the prompt?

Essentially, the three free-response essays are each worth approximately 18% of your score. As on other Advanced Placement exams, your child’s raw score will convert to a scaled score of 1-5.

The #1 AP Language & Composition Tutors in Denver & Boulder

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Raise Your AP Language & Composition Score with Mindfish

Since 2006, Mindfish has solidified its position as the premier AP Language & Composition exam prep and tutoring company in the surrounding Denver and Boulder area. Whether due to low confidence, anxiety, or learning disabilities, even the top-performing AP Language & Composition students can benefit from extra attention and instruction. Our specialized knowledge of the curriculum and mastery of the material allows the Mindfish team to help our students advance their grades, skills, and confidence. As exam day approaches, our team of AP Language & Composition tutors will bolster your child’s test preparedness with advanced support.

Mindfish’s AP exam prep programs will help you to identify the areas with opportunities for improvement so you can focus your attention on optimal score outcomes.

Dial (720) 204-1041 to schedule a consultation with a Mindfish AP Language & Composition tutor today.