ACT Test Prep in Boise


The ACT is a standardized test consisting of four multiple-choice sections (English, Math, Reading, and Science) as well as an optional essay. The test is scored out of 36. Although the ACT can be challenging due to the strict time constraints, it is very learn-able. A prep course with Mindfish can help students raise their ACT scores by an average of four points, and many of our students have successfully raised their scores by seven points, eight points, or even more. ACT test prep in Boise, Idaho will leave your students very prepared for this important exam!

Choosing between the ACT and the SAT

Although public high schools in the Treasure Valley currently administer the SAT as a school-wide exam, some private high schools in the Boise area administer the ACT instead. Contact our Boise ACT test prep experts for a consultation about which test would be best for your student or to schedule a practice test.

ACT Prep Materials

At Mindfish we only work with official practice tests released by ACT, Inc. It’s important to practice using the most realistic materials available and official practice tests provide that opportunity. Every Mindfish ACT prep student receives copies of The Official ACT Prep Guide and The Official SAT Study Guide.

ACT Test Prep

ACT Test Dates in 2018 & 2019

February 10 February 9
April 14 April 13
June 9 June 8
July 14 July 13
September 8
October 27
December 8
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