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SAT Prep for Students with Learning Disabilities in Denver, CO

As one of the top growing tourist destinations in the country, Denver has piqued interest with its dedication to the arts and outdoor activities. With views of the Rocky Mountains, the open landscapes, hiking, and ski trails make it suitable for locals and tourists all year round. During the summer months, Colorado residents and visitors travel from all over to take part in the Colfax Art Fest and Denver PrideFest at the Levitt Pavilion. With attractions for every season, families with college-bound students are big fans of the University of Colorado in the nearby Boulder area. Many recent college grads have been flocking to this tech-driven community over the last few years. As high school students in the Denver Public Schools prepare for college applications, taking the SAT stands as the first step to getting into the university of their dreams.

But when it comes to completing the required coursework and homework in high school, many students struggle due to diagnosed and undiagnosed learning disabilities. Students with learning disabilities such as ADHD, Dyslexia, and Dyscalculia, often find it difficult to complete tasks on time or stay focused while studying for the SAT exam. Although learning disabilities can present obstacles for students preparing for the SAT, Mindfish has been working with local students to improve their test prep skills for over ten years. For Denver LD students, Mindfish has served as the central online and in-person learning center where managing learning disabilities and earning high scores can be made a reality.

How Does Dyslexia Affect Test-Taking and SAT Test-Prep?

Nearby Denver high school students with dyslexia often have difficulty with the reading comprehension aspect of standardized tests. Learning disabilities such as Dyslexia can hinder a student’s ability to develop the necessary skills in reading and writing. When it comes to the actual SAT exam, students with disabilities are especially prone to test-taking anxieties, which can limit their productivity during the exam. The SAT, nearly four hours long, includes two timed sections of reading and writing which feature lengthy reading passages. These sections may prompt students to summarize or draw conclusions on the readings to answer multiple-choice questions or complete open-ended essays. Students with certain learning disabilities may find the format of the SAT challenging.

The different forms of Dyslexia may also include Surface Dyslexia, Rapid Automatic Naming Dyslexia, and Double Deficit Dyslexia. Since each case of Dyslexia is unique, parents should note that every student with this learning disability will have varying symptoms and learning challenges. At Mindfish, every LD student that walks through our doors is of utmost importance. Our team of LD SAT tutors has made it their goal to ensure that all students, no matter their disability, see score improvement. Our staff experience teaching and mentoring students with a wide range of disabilities and have the resources and knowledge to adapt to your child’s specific needs. Through personalized in-person or remote test-prep programs, diagnostic tests, and mock exams, Mindfish will work with your child, so that they can cultivate the skills and confidence to excel with their standardized tests.

What Are the Signs of a Learning Disability?

By the time your child reaches seven or eight years old, you may notice some discrepancies in their learning behavior and ability to absorb information. Parents and teachers may pick up on early factors such as trouble focusing, difficulty sounding out words, or the mixing up of letters and numbers. As a child gets older and moves into high school, these LD diagnosed symptoms can be managed even as the coursework becomes harder and more structured. Since some learning disabilities such as ADHD can go unnoticed for a long period, parents should consider taking measures such as private tutoring at Mindfish to evaluate their options. For college-bound students taking the SAT, certain accommodations such as extra time can be made through the College Board website. As each case must be approved by the College Board, families and students with disabilities should file accommodation forms with ample time as the process can take up to seven weeks to be granted.

Upon enrollment at Mindfish, your child will be carefully paired with one of our LD academic tutors. As learning disabilities such as ADHD and Dyslexia can have an impact on all subjects, Mindfish will take the time to pinpoint the topics and skills that need the most attention early on. Through our remote SAT prep course, your child will become familiar and comfortable with the SAT format. The data and track record tutors collect and analyze from your child will help navigate them through the process, so we can begin the SAT accommodation process if necessary.

Top-Tier SAT Learning Disability Tutoring Services in Denver, CO

At Mindfish, we aim to transform the way students with learning disabilities prepare for the SAT. There are free practice tests available at the official SAT, ACT, and College Boards websites. Taking a practice test is a great place to start, but a single score from a free practice test can only reveal so much on its own. Students are diverse and unique individuals. While a free mock test may bluntly estimate a baseline score, it can’t provide specific feedback about the student’s testing process, strategies, or timeline. While comparing the scores from free ACT & SAT practice tests is very helpful, hiring a test prep professional early in the process can supercharge the usefulness of the practice tests. At Mindfish, we conduct an in-depth analysis of each student’s scores to identify strengths and opportunities and devise a personalized and efficient plan. The result is a customized, data-driven approach much more targeted and actionable than a free mock practice test.

Our skilled tutors provide the resources and materials they will need to succeed at standardized exams. With one-on-one remote tutoring, your child can receive the renowned Mindfish academic service anywhere, anytime. We look forward to helping your child reach new academic heights!

For more information on Mindfish SAT prep for children with learning disabilities, contact one of our nearby Denver or Boulder offices at (720) 204-1041.