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Tutoring for Students with Learning Disabilities in Denver, CO

The capital of Colorado, Denver, is the ideal location for fearless hikers, daring bike riders, and adventure seekers. Ranked #13 on the list of best cities in America with 620,000 residents, the Mile-High City is home to the famous Rocky Mountains and well-known Denver Art Museum. Recording over 300 days of sunshine a year, downtown Denver is dominated by charming gift shops, local street food vendors, and the renowned Capital Grille restaurant. There is something for everyone from nearby towns in Lakewood, Englewood, or Arvada to enjoy from the scenic Botanic Gardens to the notable Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.

Many students unknowingly struggle with a learning disability and wonder why they have such a hard time. Despite understanding that they have trouble in the classroom, students with learning disabilities struggle to finish homework assignments on time, study for exams, and stay organized. High school students with LD often need extra help and testing time with ACT and SAT prep. Denver students with ADHD, Autism, or another LD face many challenges in and outside the classroom, which is why Mindfish can help your student clear hurdles one step at a time.

What Are the Signs of a Learning Disability?

Learning disabilities come in many different forms for children and teenagers. From trouble with reading comprehension to difficulty with following directions, Mindfish is available to assist students with all types of academic disabilities including Dyslexia both in our offices and online. Students struggling with math or reading in school at a young age is not uncommon, but if it continues and seems to progress, your child may have an undiagnosed learning difficulty. Some students with LD may show signs of poor memory, difficulty paying attention, and physical coordination concerns. If these issues go untreated, students may face obstacles in adulthood. With the expert LD tutors at Mindfish, students with learning disabilities will gain the confidence and skills they need in the classroom. A virtual one-on-one tutoring session allows students to better manage their learning disability and develop the academic skill necessary in the classroom.

Students with LD often have trouble staying organized and managing their time for schoolwork. You can rely on Mindfish and our passionate tutors to guide your child through each step of the way. Our tutors have deep  experience working with children online who have learning disabilities and understand how to properly adapt to your student’s needs with a personalized strategy.

At What Age Are Learning Disabilities Diagnosed?

Learning disabilities can be diagnosed at any age. Some children are diagnosed as early as three while others can be overlooked until the age of ten or even in adulthood. Usually, the most common age for learning disability diagnosis is age seven to eight. It is important to keep an eye on your child’s academics from a young age because as they get older, they tend to be embarrassed and hide their LD from parents and teachers. Children who know from a young age that they have a different classroom experience from everyone else may fall behind in certain subjects or secretly struggle with reading or writing.

The Mindfish tutoring centers in the nearby Denver and Boulder areas understand this and want to help. After years of experience assisting ADHD children with learning disabilities, our professional tutors know exactly what each child needs to bolster grades, strengthen weak comprehension skills, and prioritize focus. Mindfish will also help students with learning disabilities such as Phonological Dyslexia, Rapid Automatic Naming, or Dyscalculia with understanding how to utilize their time accommodations.

The First-Choice ADHD-Focused Remote Tutoring Service in Denver, CO

Allow Mindfish to transform your child’s online learning skills during their educational experience, so that they can later thrive in their academic careers. With our skilled tutors and virtual one-on-one laser-focused supervision, you will see your child flourish in the classroom. Mindfish only hires the top instructors in the tutoring community. Your student will be guided through the process by an experienced LD tutor who will provide the required tools, knowledge, and passion needed to academically flourish.

At Mindfish, we take the responsibility of implementing the proper materials, so your ADHD child will be prepared for upcoming research projects, important essays, and final exams.

If you think your LD student could benefit from test prep, academic support, or study skills tutoring, call (720) 204-1041 today!