We’ll help you beat the SAT and ACT!

mindfish test prep courses combine small group classes, one-on-one instruction and timed practice tests for an optimal experience. Each course runs for ten weeks to prepare students for both the SAT and ACT.

Our Amazing Teachers

All mindfish instructors are top test takers with impeccable academic credentials. They have attended some of the best schools in the country: Yale, University of Chicago, Stanford, etc. Most importantly, they are all highly effective teachers, standardized testing insiders who have the skills and experience to coach their students to testing success.

Small Group Classes

Each mindfish course includes 20 hours of small group instruction. We cap all of our classes at ten students in order to maintain a high degree of individual attention. Small group classes run for two hours and take place every Sunday for 10 weeks.

One-on-one Instruction

We believe strongly in customizing our courses around each student’s unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. For this reason, we complete 8 hours of private tutoring with every mindfish student. These highly focused sessions allow us to work efficiently on the areas that are most important for each student’s improvement.

Timed Practice Tests

Taking realistic practice tests is an essential piece of the test prep puzzle. Our courses feature four timed practice tests. These are real SAT and ACT exams administered in previous years. Students complete the tests on Saturday mornings in an environment that is designed to precisely mimic the conditions of test day.

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