Alex Alford Headshot
MIT Graduate and Accomplished Teacher in the US and Abroad

Alex Alford is originally from Dallas, but was an Army brat and grew up all over.  After high school, he studied science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and had a short stint as a research scientist at GlaxoSmithKline.  Not wanting to be in a lab all day, he transitioned into education and became a licensed secondary teacher.  Afterwards, Alex taught Biology, Chemistry and Physics for 7 years in the both US and abroad (Dallas, Dubai, Istanbul and Kazakhstan).

Since moving to the Denver area, Alex has completed a Masters in Education as well as started local small business.  In his free time, he enjoys programming, web design, reading and has recently taken up painting and drawing.  Alex is also an avid traveller (50+ countries and counting) and is always planning the next adventure.

Despite leaving the classroom, Alex is excited to be working with students again and helping them succeed as they transition to the next stage in their education.

Location: Denver, Boulder

IB/AP Biology, Chemistry & Environmental Science
SAT Subject Tests for Biology, Chemistry, Math I/II