Erin Nakayama Square
Duke grad, M.Ed. in education from U. Michigan, lifelong educator

Erin Nakayama earned her B.S. in economics from Duke University. During that time she also lived abroad in Paris, studying for a semester at the Sorbonne. After graduation, Erin worked as a financial analyst before deciding to pursue a career in teaching. She studied mathematics and psychology at the Harvard Extension School before moving to Ann Arbor to earn her M.Ed. in secondary mathematics education from the University of Michigan. In Chicago, Erin taught math and science, as well as study skills and organization, to high school students on the west side. Erin began tutoring and executing test prep workshops in 2015.

Partnering with Adler University in Chicago, she currently coaches PhD students in executive functioning. Erin has supported students with ADHD, on the autism spectrum, with short-term memory disorders, and with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She enjoys working with students with diverse learning challenges and functioning deficits and helping them develop strategies to apply to all areas of their lives. She moved to Boulder in 2023. In her spare time, she climbs, skis, plays tennis, and enjoys cooking and baking.

Location: Mindfish Boulder, Online
Expertise: SAT / ACT Prep, Executive Function coaching