IMG 8423 2 Hannah Brooks
Kenyon College graduate, lifelong educator, and Mindfish’s in-house Reading specialist

Hannah Brooks was born in Denver and graduated with a degree in English Literature from Kenyon College. In high school, she was a National Merit Scholar, an IB student, and first chair in her school orchestra. As an undergrad, she began her teaching career. She taught English as a Second Language in an Arab-Israeli village over the summers. Since then she has taught ACT/SAT prep, ESL, literacy and math to kindergarten-college students and adults. She also managed a Memory Care community for seniors with dementia for 5 years. Throughout Hannah’s diverse accomplishments as an educator, one common theme has been her passion for the language and her devotion to helping students of all levels, ages, and backgrounds become better readers and communicators. She has taught gifted and talented students in grades K-8, college International students, high school students, and elementary school students.

Hannah is a Certified Cognitive Coach, meaning she is trained to support students with ADHD, Autism, and Dyslexia. During college, she was diagnosed with ADHD and an anxiety disorder. She first had symptoms in elementary school, but had figured out ways to compensate until the majority of her work time became individual and independent in college. The experience of learning to manage life-long health conditions motivated her to begin working with students with disabilities. She tutored international students with suspected learning disabilities and literacy difficulties, provided personalized academic support for students with anxiety, autism, and Executive Functioning deficits in the public schools, and provided remedial literacy and math interventions for students 2-3 grade levels behind in the public schools. At Mindfish, Hannah specializes in supporting students with test anxiety and coaching students with Executive Function deficits.

Hannah is currently taking coursework with the aim of becoming a bilingual English/Spanish Speech Language Pathologist. In her free time she enjoys translating literature, salsa dancing, hiking, spending time with her family, and playing violin.

Location: Mindfish DTC, Mindfish Lakewood, Mindfish Denver, Online
Expertise: SAT / ACT Prep, English, Spanish, writing & literacy