Julie Mueller Headshot
University of Michigan grad. Education advocate and long-time college faculty, test prep and academic tutor.

Julie Mueller grew up in Detroit with her five siblings, who fondly remember Julie acting the teacher even at age 10 when she would prepare math lessons in August to prep everyone for the start of the school year. She earned her BA in English with an additional emphasis on Pre-med courses from the University of Michigan. After graduation, she moved out west and pursued writing, teaching, and graduate school as well as parenthood. Julie walked for her MA in English Literature at the University of Wyoming with her five-year old son in the audience and her newborn daughter still two months from arrival.

Since then, Julie has raised her two children, who are now both in college, while working as college faculty, a freelance writer, and tutor in test-prep and academic subjects for high school and college students. Julie counts herself fortunate that her academic background and interests – she can be found studying the dictionary as well as doing math problems for fun – have equipped her to work with students in the humanities as well as math and sciences. She loves to lead students to discover that intelligence is not fixed by helping them find how they learn best. For 10 years she also ran and financed a program focusing on the adult learner; the program funded living expenses and provided tutoring for single parents who were pursuing their bachelor’s degrees while trying to raise children and stay self-sufficient without having to rely on welfare programs.

When she’s not working, Julie loves to spend time with family and friends or she can be found hiking, reading, writing, and learning.

Location: Mindfish Boulder
Expertise: ACT, SAT, AP test prep (Literature, Chemistry, Calculus), SAT Subject Tests (Lit., Chem., Physics, Math), Academic subjects (Math, Chem, Physics, Humanities)