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Mary T
Account Manager at Mindfish. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Vocal Performance from Western Michigan University and University of South Carolina.

An education enthusiast, Mary-Therese Heintzkill has pursued her curiosities in academia throughout her life. Having completed both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Vocal Performance at Western Michigan University and University of South Carolina, Mary-Therese graduated Magna Cum Laude and won competitions and auditions which put her on stage under the baton of many world-renowned conductors and orchestras. Most recently, she completed her 8-month esthetics certification and is currently pursuing her state board licensure requirements.

Mary-Therese’s entrepreneurial-minded approach to work, hyper-focus on details involving research and development and desire to work with kind and brilliant people, has served her well at Mindfish where she is building their HR department and supporting the founders in back-end financial projects.

While not working at Mindfish, Mary-Therese has a voice and piano studio out of her home in Boulder, CO. She has been employed at Lake Michigan College (LMC) and GA Southwestern State University as an adjunct professor of music. While teaching at LMC she was nominated and awarded a Certificate of Appreciation honoring her as a teacher instrumental in inspiring students throughout their education. Students describe her as “impactful, patient, understanding, knowledgeable and skilled” and “a hoot to get along with.” Her goal in teaching music is to find every student’s natural, God-given talent and exploit it using music as a vehicle.

Mary-Therese enjoys trying all sorts of new activities, and, while her passions in life are constantly shifting, her current favorites are rollerblading, gardening, reading about gardening, cooking and mastering baking at altitude. Always having had a heart for animals, Mary-Therese adventures daily with her cocker spaniel, Jett.