Roxanne Hernandez Square
Licensed teacher with a wealth of K-12 experience. Literacy interventionist and expert on neurodivergence.

Roxanne Hernandez is a licensed teacher with bachelor’s degree in English, and a master’s degree in K-12 Reading and Writing.

Working with Roxanne, your child will become just as excited about the history of the English language, crack the reading code, understand complex texts, and become an expert in writing structures. Best of all, they will love what they’re learning, and love themselves for it. Roxanne’s reading curriculum integrates evidence-based components of dyslexia instruction with a practice that follows the standard Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence.

In addition to her expertise in literacy and literature, she is a certified Cognitive Coach who will support your child with cognitive self-regulation and executive function skills that are essential for learning, planning, and problem solving. You child will understand how to control their emotions, work independently, get organized, and plan ahead with her support.

Roxanne has been honoring all forms of neurodiversity for fifteen years.

Location: Mindfish Boulder, Online
Expertise: Executive Function Coaching, Academic Management, Neurodivergence