Thomas Gifford scaled
Colorado native and graduate of Colorado College. Master’s degree student at University of Denver. Baseball fanatic.

Thomas Gifford is a Colorado native who spent most of his childhood in Golden and graduated from the IB program at Lakewood High School in 2014.  He didn’t go far for college, opting to pursue a bachelor’s at Colorado College and majoring in economics and minoring in philosophy. His favorite economist is Richard Thaler and his favorite philosopher is Soren Kierkegaard because they acknowledge we are all flawed, irrational, and often make no sense, but also argue that this can be a beautiful thing. Additionally, Thomas spent a semester in Shanghai studying Mandarin, working in a Chinese office and greatly expanding his food palate. He’s now pursuing a Master’s in economics at the University of Denver with sights set on a Ph.D. further down the road. Thomas is borderline unhealthily obsessed with baseball and the Colorado Rockies, and even co-hosts a podcast with one of his best friends from CC about the team.

Location: Mindfish Denver
Expertise: ACT, SAT, Economics