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How to Achieve a Perfect ACT Score

With nearly 40 years of combined experience, Mindfish cofounders Bill and Ryan developed the most elite ACT prep program in Colorado. Mindfish knows that a small group of Boulder students crave that coveted perfect ACT score. In 2021, over 1.2 million students took the ACT of which just over 4,000 students obtained a perfect score of 36 (0.31% of test-takers). While it may seem ambitious, a perfect ACT score is completely within reach for many strong students.

Mindfish students benefit from personalized one-on-one sessions with tutors, curriculums developed by elite educators, small group sessions, online practice activities, and proctored mock exams. Already high-scoring students looking to close the gap and obtain a perfect score need test-taking guidance from our skilled tutors. With discipline, focus, and Mindfish’s s ACT perfect score program, students can earn top-percentile scores. Our best-in-class ACT prep tutors and advanced coursework help students stay on track to succeed on the ACT.

What is a Perfect ACT Score?

Students will receive ACT scores ranging from 1 to 36. The overall score is an average of four sections —Math, Reading, English, and Science. There is an optional writing section that does not affect the overall score. However, because each section’s score is scaled differently, students can miss one Math question and one English question while still achieving an overall score of 36.

From content proficiency to time management, the tutors at Mindfish specialize in all facets of the ACT. Beyond encouraging ACT fluency, we teach students the critical thinking skills, testing strategies, and content comprehension necessary to gain a superior ACT score. The ACT tutors at Mindfish know every student has different goals, needs, and abilities. That is why we offer an elite/perfect score program for exceptionally motivated students. Our Score Peak program caters to students looking to score in the 99th percentile and is personally overseen by the Mindfish founders.

How Do Students Earn a Perfect ACT Score?

While it is exceedingly difficult to get a perfect score, enrolling in Mindfish’s ACT tutoring program will undoubtedly position your student in the top 99 percentile. At Mindfish, we use advanced materials to help already excellent academic students reach their maximum potential. We give the students the structure and resources necessary for extremely efficient practice. Mindfish’s unique value lies in our proprietary resources and skilled tutors who are dedicated to your success.

The ACT is commonly taken in Junior year, so students will receive their scores and have the option to retake the ACT. For the best outcome, students should begin by taking a full-length practice ACT and then prepare a study plan with a Mindfish tutor. After following a professionally developed ACT curriculum and taking mock ACT exams, students will gain the experience and knowledge necessary to land a 99th percentile ACT score.

Find a Mindfish Tutor for Your ACT Prep in Boulder, CO

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Strive for a Perfect ACT Score with Mindfish

Aim for a perfect ACT score with Mindfish in Boulder, CO. We give you the tools and the confidence you need to be among the top percentages of ACT test-takers. Whether your goal is to achieve a perfect 36 or to meet an elite university’s standard, Mindfish will help you succeed on the ACT. The Mindfish tutoring team accommodates every student with remote tutoring opportunities, online test prep packages, and virtual or in-person proctored exams.

Dial (720) 204-1041 to begin your journey to a perfect ACT score with Mindfish!