Introduction to AP Calculus (2022)


  • get a head-start on next year’s AP Calc class
  • 18 hours of small-group class (10 students or fewer)
  • students will be introduced to the following concepts: limits and sums, derivatives, the fundamental theorem of calculus, and antiderivatives and integrals.
  • *All classes will be held via Zoom videoconference during the Covid-19 pandemic.*


Many parents know that AP Calculus can be one of the most rigorous and fast-paced courses for high school students. This “Introduction to AP Calculus” Summer Math Enrichment Course is designed to create a foolproof conceptual framework in the fundamentals of Calculus. This background will give students a head start on the course materials and emphasize a solid theoretical understanding of the three most fundamental concepts in Calculus: limits & sums, derivatives, and integrals. If your student will be enrolled in AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, or IB Calculus in the fall this is the appropriate enrichment course for him or her to take.

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