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Public & Private School Students Seek Mindfish SAT/ACT & Academic Tutoring

Mindfish’s unmatched academic and test prep tutoring services have helped thousands of Colorado students achieve their academic goals since 2006. Mindfish is proud to serve students in both private and public schools in the Front Range (central) Colorado area and beyond! With our professional tutors delivering exceptional academic test prep and tutoring, Mindfish has the resources and expertise to help every student succeed.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) Prep

To attain their desired SAT scores, your student must develop a proper study strategy based on their goals and unique needs. Students benefit from Mindfish’s guided SAT tutoring, with professional tutors that have expertise in both education and standardized testing. With practice tests, one-on-one tutoring, and group sessions, our caring tutors will help you understand the exam’s material and develop a proven test-taking strategy.

Mindfish is proud to exclusively partner for SAT prep with some of the strongest private schools in the state including Kent Denver School, Dawson School, Colorado Academy, and St. Anne’s Episcopal Schools. In addition to serving private schools on-site, we continue to independently help students from Boulder High School, Fairview High School, Regis Jesuit High School, St. Mary’s Academy, and other public and private schools online or in person at one of our four Colorado locations. No matter where you attend school, Mindfish has a customized SAT service for you!

ACT (American College Test) Prep

Are you planning to take the ACT in Colorado? Mindfish can help! With over a decade of experience helping students achieve their desired ACT scores, Mindfish sees an average score increase of at least 4 points in 20 hours of tutoring. In addition to our exclusive ACT prep partnerships with Kent Denver School, Dawson School, Colorado Academy, and St. Anne’s Episcopal School, we work with students from private schools, including Regis Jesuit School, Mullen High School, St Mary’s Academy, and Valor Christian.

Our ACT prep services are equally in demand from college-bound students in Colorado public schools. We currently serve students that attend Boulder High School, Fairview High School, Cherry Creek High School, Denver East High School, Monarch High School, Centaurus High School, Niwot High School, George Washington High School, Denver South High School, Denver School of the Arts, and many more.

In addition to our current public and private school students, Mindfish supports students in Colorado and the surrounding states. Our four Colorado office locations in Boulder, Greenwood Village, Denver, and Lakewood—coupled with our virtual tutoring offers—deliver seamless access for any student.

Academic Tutoring

Mindfish’s academic tutoring services allow your student to supplement their regular academic courses. Whether you want to get ahead of your classmates or need extra one-on-one tutoring to stay up to speed, Mindfish tutors provide a customized tutoring and study plan based on your individual needs and goals.

Students from both private and public schools across Colorado continually seek out Midfish’s tutors due to positive tutoring experiences and exceptional academic improvements. Our online flexibility and convenient location in Boise, ID allow Mindfish tutors to support students in California, Idaho, North Carolina, and even New York.

Discover Test Prep & Academic Tutoring Services at Mindfish

Whether you attend public or private school, the Mindfish tutoring team can help your students with all ranges of academic aptitudes in developing stronger study skills, reviewing test content, and learning test-taking strategies. With decades of combined teaching experience, our Mindfish tutors will help your student gain the confidence to earn a score in the top 95th percentile.

From Boulder High to Colorado Academy, Mindfish is the preferred tutoring service among Colorado students!

Get started today by dialing (720) 204-1041!