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ACT & SAT Practice Tests Near Boulder & Denver, CO

Mindfish’s top-rated SAT and ACT prep services have helped thousands of students achieve exceptional standardized test scores since 2006. At Mindfish, we know that laser-focused practice will lead to SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Test) prep success. Mindfish students who receive 5 hours of tutoring (including practice exams) improve over 1 point on the ACT and 50 points on the SAT. With the opportunity to take the SAT or ACT practice test every Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm, Mindfish students gain the experience and stamina to conquer the official SAT.

Not only does Mindfish offer weekly proctored and timed mock exams, but our SAT/ACT tutors also help students learn from their mistakes during one-on-one follow-up review sessions. Colorado students continue to benefit from Mindfish’s professional tutors, unlimited SAT/ACT resources, realistic practice exams, and our dedication to helping students succeed.

Should Students Register for ACT & SAT Practice Tests?

ACT and SAT practice tests simulate the official tests in format, timing, and environment while using questions from older exams. Practice tests help students become comfortable with the testing process and develop the stamina to accurately answer each question on the SAT or ACT. Mindfish offers multiple practice test package options to meet your needs. Additionally, Mindfish offers free SAT and ACT mock exams to determine which test is a better fit for your student’s skills. Our tutors will have a 45-minute review session for each exam and help your student decide if they should take the SAT, the ACT, or both.

Mindfish uses past versions of both the SAT and ACT, in addition to a question bank to give an authentic view of the tests. If students need remote flexibility, Mindfish uses Zoom to proctor and time the exam to accurately simulate the SAT/ACT testing experience.

Does Taking Denver ACT & SAT Practice Tests Help?

Mock ACT/ACT practice tests help your student learn to move through timed questions under pressure and understand the material contained in each section. More importantly, your student will become comfortable with the multiple-choice format and wording of questions in a timed testing environment. Practice tests help students gauge where they are in their study plan. Mindfish helps your student address any concerns and adjust if any topics are unclear, time management, or craft a more efficient testing strategy.

Colorado students work with Mindfish to get the most value from a practice test. Once you take an exam or purchase a study package at Mindfish, you can sign up for any practice test date either online or in-person (every Saturday). We are committed to helping students develop their skills and build self-confidence in their testing abilities.

Discover SAT/ACT Practice Tests Near Boulder and Denver, CO

Boulder and Denver are two of Colorado’s most visited cities. Located only 30 minutes from one another, the surrounding mountains and local events draw a significant crowd any time of the year. The nearby Rocky Mountains are a playground for extreme sports athletes and those looking for leisurely fresh air.

Both Boulder and Denver are ranked No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, as the best cities to live in the nation by the U.S News and World report. Due to the low cost of living, an abundance of jobs, ease of transportation, and quality of life are reported in both cities.

The Denver Public School District and the Boulder Valley School district serve Denver and Boulder students respectively. With countless school options, students can choose a thriving environment. Between Denver and Boulder, students can enroll in 14 nearby colleges, and another 36 within 50 miles, the largest being The University of Colorado Boulder.

Denver and Boulder hold year-round festivals, sports, and live music. History buffs enjoy visiting old gold mines and museums, outdoor enthusiasts can try out a multitude of sports, foodies have limitless diverse foods to try, and shoppers can find unique boutique stores. There is always something to do in these walkable cities, making both an attractive place to live, work, and play.

Secure an SAT/ACT Practice Test Package

Prepare for the SAT or ACT with the Mindfish, the No.1 practice test center in Colorado! We guide our students in every step of the process, from creating a study plan to reviewing mock tests. At Mindfish, we take pride in seeing our students succeed, that’s why students who book a 1-on-1 tutoring package of 15 hours or more receive a 5% discount. Additionally, we welcome all Mindfish students to take proctored practice exams regularly at no extra charge!

Dial (720) 204-1041 to sign up for our SAT and ACT Practice Test Package!