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Customized SAT Subject Test Tutoring in Greenwood Village, Colorado

More and more high school students now opt to take SAT Subject Tests. This comes as no surprise because, unlike the typical SAT, the SAT Subject Tests measure a student’s knowledge about specific subjects, allowing them to leverage their strengths. Proctored six times each year, the SAT Subject Tests consist of 20 different tests within five general subject categories: English, History, Languages, Mathematics, and Science. Each of these exams lasts one hour and consists of multiple-choice questions and is scored between 200 and 800 points. Mindfish offers SAT Tutoring in Greenwood Village, CO to help prepare your student for the test!

Whether students take SAT Subject Tests in Molecular Biology, Literature, or even World History, most colleges prefer scores of 650 or higher, while more selective colleges look for 700 to 750+. For the struggling student or the high flier hoping to score top marks, Mindfish’s tutors can make a huge difference and help achieve goals. These tests are an opportunity for students to let their unique skills shine. We’re here to help!

SAT Subject Tutoring At Its Finest – SAT Tutoring in Greenwood Village

Few students actually benefit from a one-size-all-approach with SAT Subject Test preparation. Since 2006, Mindfish has set ourselves apart from tutoring factories by delivering dynamic tutoring programs designed to fit a student’s unique needs, academic goals and schedule. More importantly, we recruit tutors with first-hand knowledge of how to excel on any of the 20 different SAT Subject Tests.

From Day 1, our attentive set of tutors meet one-on-one with each student to evaluate skills, select an appropriate SAT Subject Test, create goals, and devise an action plan to meet these goals. This allows Mindfish to pair a student with a tutor that best aligns with the student’s learning style. We also provide open communication and deliver robust reporting, so that students can measure their progress and ensure their time is spent efficiently and effectively. This includes Mindfish administering mock exams proctored in a simulated testing environment.

Our Tutors Are Up To The Test

By partnering with Mindfish, students receive instruction from former top students who have scored in the 99th percentile in the SAT subject tests, Our tutors will clearly guide each student to success through any one of the 20 SAT subject tests to unlock their full potential. Students across Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, and Centennial, Colorado choose Mindfish for their SAT Subject test prep needs.

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