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SSAT Test Prep in Westminster, Colorado

Many private schools and boarding schools require the SSAT during their admissions processes, which is why Mindfish offers SSAT Test Prep in Westminster. High scores on the SSAT can make a big difference in whether a student has the chance to attend the school of his or her choice. Designed for students in 3rd through 11th grade, the SSAT has three different levels: Elementary Level (students in 3rd and 4th grade), Middle Level, (students in 5th to 7th grade), and Upper Level (students in 8th to 11th grade). The SSAT test ranges from approximately 2 to 3 hours. While each test level contains similar sections, the intensity and number of questions increase for the higher–level exams.  The test results generate three types of reported scores: a raw score, a scaled score, and a percentile ranking.

Raw scores record the number of correct and incorrect answers. Percentile ranking measures how well a student performs compared to other students of the same grade within the past three years. While both scores are equally valuable, most private schools focus on a student’s scaled score. This score is the sum of the verbal, quantitative math, and reading sections, and ranges as follows:

  • Elementary Level tests between 900 and 1800
  • Middle-Level test between 1320 and 2130
  • Upper-Level test between 1500 and 2400

Experience Mindfish’s Best-In-Class SSAT Test Prep in Westminster

As with other standardized tests, the key to excelling on the SSAT rests with hard work and preparation. Mindfish can help maximize SSAT scores in the most efficient amount of time, through data-driven and personalized approach. Buttressed by our education team, Mindfish diligently works with each student to increase his or her academic knowledge and test-taking skills necessary to achieve success.

Everything about our SSAT tutoring and test prep program is customized and flexible: scheduling, content, and even your student’s selection of a tutor. This allows our tutors to make the most of each session by identifying weaknesses and areas in need of improvement and presenting study habits that will push your student’s SSAT score higher.

Let Mindfish’s Tutors Help Raise Your Student’s SSAT Score

An effective SSAT test prep program begins with the best and brightest minds in the industry. Yet knowledge is only half of the equation. To ensure our students study under the best instructors in the industry, Mindfish screens for engaging personalities, teaching expertise, and dedication to student success.

Why do students in Superior, Arvada, and Broomfield achieve so much success? Find out today by reserving your very own private tutor! Call us at (720) 204-1041 today!