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Test Updates


4/23/20 – New SAT Session Added for Sep 26

Starting in May, students will be able to register for a newly-added SAT test day on September 26. Collegeboard will follow up with registration instructions during the week of May 26. [source]

4/15/20 – June 6 SAT Cancelled

The College Board has announced that the SAT and SAT Subject tests scheduled for June 6th have been cancelled. Plans are being made to add test dates and capacity this fall, and implement online, at-home testing in the near future. [source]

3/17/20 – May 2 SAT Cancelled

In response to the Coronavirus and school closings around the country, Collegeboard has cancelled the May SAT.  The June SAT is scheduled to be held as originally planned. [source]


4/16/20 – ACT Pursuing Flexible Summer Schedule & At-Home Testing

ACT has announced flexible test scheduling around the June and July test administrations and an online, at-home testing plan for the fall.  [source]

3/16/20 – April ACT Cancelled

In response to the Coronavirus, the April 4 ACT has been cancelled globally and rescheduled for June 13,2020 [source]

AP Exams

4/3/20 – New AP Exam Schedule

The schedule for the 2020 AP Exams has been released.  Exams will take place a week later than originally planned and students will have the option to take each test at one of two times. [source]

3/20/20 – AP Exams to be Taken Online

Collegeboard has decided that the 2020 AP Exams will be taken online in a shortened form.  The tests will be 45 minutes and only cover a portion of each class. [source]

IB Exams

3/23/20 – 2020 IB Exams Cancelled

This year’s IB Exams have been cancelled globally.  Scores for each course will be determined using IA’s, which will be graded by the IBO Examiner team. [source]
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4/6/2020 – GRE Can Be Taken At Home

Beginning April 6, the GRE can be taken at home using the ProctorU testing browser.  Requirements for this service include:

  • Desktop or Laptop
  • Windows (no iOS)
  • Private Room
  • An eraseable surface (whiteboard) for notes.  Paper is not allowed.

[At Home Testing Details]

4/3/2020 – GRE Subject Tests Cancelled

As of April 3, all GRE Subject Tests are cancelled worldwide.  This includes Biology, Chemistry, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology. [source]