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In the last few months, we’ve all been spending a lot of time on video calls: Zoom, Google Meet, whatever your preferred program. It’s a change from how the world used to work, and it can feel strange, though we’ve all gotten more used to it as time goes on. When it comes to tutoring for test preps or individual subjects, online tutoring through video calls can seem like it might not be as good as in-person tutoring. But that’s not the case! Rather, there are a lot of advantages to tutoring online, especially for high school students. 

Some of the benefits of online tutoring include:
  • Learning new strategies: a tutor with a lot of experience can help identify different ways of dealing with a test or a subject. There may be strategies that help with difficult problems or different options for how to approach something you’ve been stuck on. Learning these strategies can be just as helpful online as in person. 
  • Going over problems and refining techniques: one advantage of online tutoring is that both the student and the tutor have access to all the practice problems and answers right in front of them. Going over problems that a student may have had trouble with together can can help students refine their techniques or work on concepts that are particularly difficult.
  • Understanding concepts: similarly, if there’s something a high school student doesn’t understand, online tutoring can be a great way to learn new ideas or refresh concepts that are difficult. Working through things online, with whiteboards, document cameras, and the whole world of internet resources at your fingertips, can be a great way to learn something new.
  • It’s flexible: A benefit of online tutoring over in-person is that it can happen anywhere, at any time! That means you can work on things from home, from school, from a vacation house, at any time that fits your schedule.
  • Having someone in your corner: maybe the best thing about online tutoring is having someone in your corner who roots for you and can help talk you through the process. Studying can be really stressful! Having someone to talk to, who’s on your side and invested in your success, can be really valuable.
  • Working on what works for you: the biggest benefit of online tutoring is having someone to help you figure out what works for you. Learning from books and articles and videos is all well and good, but the give-and-take of a tutor who understands you, can react to what you are doing, and wants to help you succeed can really count, online or offline.
Is Online Tutoring is Right for You?

Would your student benefit from working with a tutor remotely during these challenging times? The experts at Mindfish can offer recommendations customized for your student’s individual needs. Contact us to learn more by emailing info@mindfish.flywheelstaging.com or by calling 720-204-1041.