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What is the ISEE?

The Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is a placement test often used for admission consideration to private schools, particularly private middle and high schools.  Check with the school the you’re applying to for specific ISEE requirements. Below is a list of some Colorado schools that may accept the ISEE for admission.

  • Alexander Dawson School, Lafayette
  • Arma Dei Academy, Highlands Ranch
  • Aspen Country Day School, Aspen
  • Boulder Country Day School, Boulder
  • Colorado Academy, Denver
  • Colorado International School, Denver
  • Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale
  • Emerald Mountain School, Steamboat Springs
  • Evergreen Country Day School, Evergreen
  • Friends’ School, Boulder
  • Graland Country Day School, Denver
  • Kent Denver School, Englewood
  • Montessori School of Denver, Denver
  • St. Anne’s Episcopal School, Denver
  • Stanley British Primary School, Denver
  • Telluride Mountain School, Telluride
  • Vail Mountain School, Vail
  • Winter Park Christian School, Tabemash

ISEE Testing Seasons

ISEE Testing Seasons

The ISEE has three testing seasons: Fall (Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov), Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar), and Spring (Apr, May, Jun, Jul). Students are allowed to take the ISEE once per testing season, allowing each student a maximum of three test dates per year. 

Colorado ISEE Testing Formats

The ISEE offers two testing formats: paper and online. Paper exams are administered in person at testing sites. Online exams can be taken at prometric testing centers or individually at home. 

ISEE Test dates

ISEE test dates and locations can be found on the ISEE website under “View Test Dates”. Enter your student’s grade for the following year, learning difference requirements, state, date period, and preferred testing method. A test date search for a current eighth grader entering the ninth grade may look like the example search shown below.

ISEE Search

ISEE Accommodations 

The ISEE offers accommodations for students with documented learning differences. Potential accommodations include:

  • Extended Time
  • Calculator Use
  • Reader (for online tests)
  • Computer for Essay (includes spell check)
  • Access to Other Supplies 

To qualify for accommodations, families must complete the Accommodations Request Form along with supporting documentation. Accepted documentation may include documents such as a complete psycho-educational evaluation, a district-issued IEP or 504 plan, or a letter from a medical doctor. Complete requirements can be found in the Accommodations Request Form. Students should not register for a test until their accommodations request has been approved. 

ISEE Prep with Mindfish

Mindfish offers small group class ISEE preparation at St. Anne’s Episcopal School as well as independent ISEE preparation and coaching.