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The Rising Tide of Educational Technology

As a couple of Stanford grads who started an education company, we’ve always had a thoroughgoing interest in educational technology (as well as a newfound love for the show “Silicon Valley”). It was this passion that led us to build the mindfish.flywheelstaging.com adaptive learning platform a few years back.

And, although modern information technology has a profound potential to revolutionize the educational experience, education has been one of the slowest fields to fall under the sway of the computer revolution. Entertainment, commerce, and many other fields were influenced by web technology much earlier and much more deeply. Until now…

As The New York Times reported earlier this week, young educational technology companies have begun to blossom of late, bringing with them a recent spate of EdTech investment.

Have a look at the New York Times article here. Only time will tell which educational technology services thrive and which fall to the wayside. But, if we had to guess, the traditional face of education will be changing rapidly in the years to come.