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Young hispanic woman wearing graduation uniform

New Graduation Requirements for the Class of 2021

With the passing of House Bill 07-1118, Colorado school districts have been given a set of standards that all students entering post-secondary education must achieve. Therefore, Colorado students who are aiming to graduate in the spring of 2021 and after have to prove their academic competency. The following table shows the skills that Colorado wants its students to have mastered before entering post-secondary education.

Entrepreneurial Personal Civic/Interpersonal Professional
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Initiative and Self-Direction Core Academic Foundation Time Management
Creativity and Innovation Personal Responsibility and Self-Management Collaboration and Teamwork Career Literacy
Inquiry and Analysis Adaptability and Flexibility Communication Grit and Resilience
Risk Taking Personal Awareness, Learn Independently, Perseverance Global and Cultural Awareness, Ethics and Integrity Work ethic; dependable and reliable, Self-advocacy

There are a variety of ways in which students can fulfill this requirement and qualify for graduation. This is known as the “Menu of College and Career-Ready Demonstrations” and a copy of this information can be found at this link.

School districts have the right to only accept certain options from this menu, to increase the score requirements for the tests they accept and create their own programs as long as they meet the education minimums determined by committees created as a result of Bill 07-1118. As of now, the only school district that has verified their plan is Boulder County, who stated that they approved all of these options and the state listed cut scores.

Many districts have not had time to complete their own custom programs, so we think most districts will accept any of the options listed on the menu with their respective cut scores. We always encourage you to reach out to the administration at your school to confirm the eligibility of your desired pathway.  Hopefully, this information is not new to anyone planning to graduate in the Spring of 2021. Your school board is responsible for informing you of these changes; please contact them with any questions you may have.