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What’s the Best Way to Spend My Summer?

For pretty much everyone, summer break is one of the biggest highlights of the year.  While it may be tempting to sit around the entire time, it’s a great time to be productive and ready yourself for the Fall.  Here are some suggestion for you can spend the break.

Rest and Have Fun!

The past year has been crazy for everyone, especially students. Between learning online, missing out on school traditions, isolating from friends, etc. it was a year no one could have predicted. Now that school is out, though, summer break is the perfect chance to rest and have some fun. Even if you have activities, summer classes, or other obligations be sure to take some time to do what you enjoy. Whether that means travelling with your family, or catching up on the latest Netflix series, or picking up old hobbies, do the things you like to do without being asked. This will get you in the right headspace for the Fall semester.

Start Planning For College Application Season

If you’re a rising senior, summer is also a good time to start making a game plan for your college applications. This means

  • Narrowing down which schools you might apply to
  • Finding application deadlines
  • Making a list of requirements for each school (GPA, ACT/SAT, essays, etc.)

For many, senior year is the most difficult. So, having all of this information gathered before you hit the ground running can alleviate some potential stress.

Make Sure You’re Ready for the New School Year

Due to online learning and the hybrid system, many schools skimmed over large sections of curricula or even omitted some completely. This means that a large number of students will be behind compared to their peers throughout the nation. While having fun and planning for college apps, take some time to review the material that you’ll need to know in the new school year. This is especially important for AP classes so that you don’t start out behind.

Luckily, this summer Mindfish is offering several introductory classes so that you’re as prepared as possible! You can take a look at the list of classes here: