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ISEE Test Prep in Denver & Boulder

The ISEE is the primary admission test for many independent schools throughout the country and abroad. With admission to the top private schools riding on this exam, students need a structured ISEE prep course to shepherd them to success. Since 2006, Mindfish has helped thousands of students in Boulder and Denver with their ISEE standardized testing for private school admissions. Mindfish’s one-on-one ISEE test prep program provides your student with both the strategy and critical content they need to increase confidence and boost scores. Further, we prepare our students for every aspect of standardized tests, teaching content mastery as well as useful strategies, developing a mistake-proof process, effective pacing and beating test-day anxiety.

When recruiting our Denver & Boulder-based private tutors, we make sure to only hire the best educators. Moreover, every Mindfish tutor undergoes rigorous training, and frequently checks in with each student outside of lesson time to ensure his or her accelerated progress. So whether your student learns in a classroom, a small group setting, or virtually one on one, you can confidently rest knowing that Mindfish will maximize your student’s ISEE potential score.

What is the ISEE?

The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) is an entrance exam used by many independent and magnet schools around the country and tests students in grades 2 through 12. The ISEE measures a student’s aptitude to keep up with the demanding coursework in private schools The ISEE consists of four multiple-choice parts:

  1. Verbal Reasoning: vocabulary and sentence completion
  2. Quantitative Reasoning: word problems and quantitative comparisons
  3. Reading Comprehension: reading passages and questions
  4. Mathematics Achievement: multi-step mathematical problems

While the ISEE exam is standardized, it is also skill-based, so your child can’t be expected to know all of the actual material that will appear on the exam. However, Mindfish knows that you can predict the general subject matter.

Furthermore, there is one ungraded essay that allows students to showcase their unique voices and perspective. Depending on your student’s age, the child will complete one of four testing levels. The primary level is for entrance into 2nd-4th grade, the lower-level test is for students entering 5th-6th-grade, the middle-level test is for entrance into 7th-8th grade, and the upper-level is used for entrance into high schools.

How is the ISEE Different from the SSAT?

Both students and parents often confuse the ISEE with the SSAT. While the SSAT and the ISEE both share many similarities, they also differ in terms of scoring and test registration. Understanding these differences can help your child register for the test that aligns with their goals.

ISEE Scoring vs. SSAT Scoring

Both the ISEE and SSAT convert raw scores to scaled scores, which are then given percentile ranks based on the student’s ranking among other test-takers. In addition to percentiles, the ISEE also gives a stanine score. The biggest difference between the SSAT and ISEE involves how incorrect answers factor into your child’s score. While the SSAT penalizes the test taker ¼ of a point for incorrect answers, the ISEE does not deduct points for incorrect answers.

ISEE Registration vs. SSAT Registration

The SSAT and ISEE have a different proctoring schedule, which may determine the exam your child takes. With only eight tests per year, students taking the SSAT must make every attempt count. But while the ISEE offers more test date options, students can only register once, which may present problems when applying to a school with strict application deadlines.

Enroll at Mindfish: The Premier ISEE Tutors in Denver & Boulder

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Thirty minutes outside of Denver, Boulder sits at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With thousands of acres of open space, both visitors and residents can gaze at the stunning mountain views from several vantage points, including Bear Peak and Flagstaff Mountain. Boulder boats a renowned reputation for its art district, local culture, and educational excellence. With the downtown Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra and Pearl Street Mall, visitors can enjoy a classic show and dining options within the nearby area. Students living in the nearby Boulder area can attend renowned institutions such as the University of Colorado Boulder and Naropa University.

Boost Your ISEE Scores with Mindfish

Finding the best ISEE test prep tutor can be challenging, which is why Mindfish boasts an elite team of tutors who have mastered the ISEE content. Our renowned team of tutors and education consultants can develop an ISEE curriculum 100% customized to meet your student’s unique learning needs and challenges.

Through premium private tutoring, the Mindfish tutors will determine the best approach to help your student maximize their test scores. During the first session, our tutors target your student’s weaknesses and focus on test-taking strategies to ensure that every student earns the best possible score.

An effective ISEE test prep program begins with the best and brightest minds in the industry. Start preparing for the ISEE with the Mindfish team today by dialing (720) 204-1041.