Online Practice Test Program

  • One practice ACT test (proctored online via Zoom)
  • One practice SAT test (proctored online via Zoom)
  • In-depth score break-down for each test
  • One 45-minute consultation with one of Mindfish’s expert directors
  • Full cost to be credited toward the purchase of a test prep package
  • Price: $149.00
  • $0.00

The Online SAT vs. the ACT.

  • What’s the difference? 
  • Is one “better” than the other? 
  • And the most important question of all: which test should your student take? 

It’s easy to compare practice test scores, but we will help you see beyond the scores to come up with the best plan for your unique student. 

These days, any college will accept either SAT or ACT scores, but there are significant differences between the two tests. Some students are better-suited for the ACT, while others are better-suited for the SAT. (Learn more about the differences between the tests here). Because the tests do have important differences, it’s smart to make sure that the test your student is targeting is the test that best plays to his or her strengths through our Practice Test Program.

That’s where Mindfish’s Practice Test Program comes in. The Practice Test Program allows students to take a remote proctored, timed practice ACT and an online proctored, timed practice SAT, using previously-administered versions of the tests from recent years.

After your student has taken both practice tests, we’ll set up a 45-minute, in-depth review meeting with the student, the parent, and one of Mindfish’s expert directors. During this consultation, our director will analyze the practice test results in detail, learn more about your student’s individual goals and needs, and then help formulate a testing timeline and test prep plan tailored specifically for him or her.

These tests are standardized, but our students are not! Over the last 15 years, we’ve worked with thousands of students with staggeringly diverse academic backgrounds, skill-sets, schedules, goals, and circumstances, and we take everything into account as we come up with the best plan of action. We can advise on specific test dates to target and help figure out what kind of tutor would have the right personality and approach for your student.

Because the Practice Test Program has been an invaluable first step in conquering the test prep process for so many of our clients, we will credit the entire cost of the Practice Test Program toward the purchase of one of our tutoring packages.

The Online Practice Test Program costs $149 and includes:

  • One practice ACT test
  • One practice SAT test
  • In-depth score break-down for each test
  • One 45-minute consultation with one of Mindfish’s expert directors
  • Full cost to be credited toward the purchase of a test prep package

Benefits of the Virtual Practice Test Program

  • Learn which test is a better fit for your student.
  • Meet with an expert to determine the best timeline and test prep plan.
  • Effective test prep represents a real investment of time, energy, and hard work: ensure your student’s efforts are being deployed for the right test.
  • Gain a better understanding of where your student is currently scoring and what that means for the college application process.

All online practice tests are given on Wednesdays from 2:00 – 6:00 PM (Mountain Time) and Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM (MT)

How Remote Proctoring Works

We will mail you all the necessary materials, so that your student can work through the tests with paper and pencil, just like on the official exam. On your chosen practice tests dates we’ll meet with your student via Zoom videoconference and proctor each test in a manner closely resembling that of test day. Our proctor is online monitoring our test takers, but the overall experience is very similar to the official SAT and ACT. Our follow-up consultation and planning session is then held at a mutually convenient time, also over video conference.

Questions? Need further assistance?

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