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In today’s ever competitive landscape of the college admission process, a good score on the ACT is of paramount importance. Besides being used for college admissions, ACT scores are used for certain merit-based financial aid and scholarships. Even though grade point average, extracurricular activities and teacher recommendations are considered as well, nothing can keep a door open to top universities and colleges like a good ACT score. This can also extend to future employment opportunities.

Some employers are requiring recent graduates to place their ACT or SAT scores on their resumes. So, performing well on the ACT can help a student gain a competitive job once they graduate. Ideally, he or she will be able to walk into the job of his or her dreams. ACT prep is very important for students who want to do well on the ACT because students become familiar with the test’s format, get a lot of practice with practice tests and questions, and learn proven strategies for succeeding on standardized exams.

ACT prep can take on several different forms. Students may opt for individual study with an ACT prep book or online materials. Alternatively, they may decide to take an ACT prep course with instructors who have done very well on the ACT and/or SAT. No matter what method students choose, ACT prep will prove invaluable.

First, ACT prep will help students become familiar with the material and format of the ACT. Students will be familiar with the English, math, reading, science, and essay sections. The format will be no surprise to them and they will know the timing for the various sections. Secondly, whether working through a book, in a class or online, students will complete practice sections and tests. As a result, students will know what types of questions are asked and how they are phrased.

The more exposure a student has to the different types of questions posed on the ACT, the more prepared they will be for the actual test. Lastly, students will become better standardized test takers due to proven strategies they can learn and implement. One of these strategies includes working backwards on math problems that they do not know how to do since the correct answer is in front of them in the form of a multiple choice. Another strategy is to use logic and the process of elimination to eliminate choices they know for sure are wrong to increase their odds of answering a question correctly rather than guessing randomly with all the answer choices.

There are many ways a student can prepare for the ACT. ACT prep, in its varying forms of book study, online materials or in a class, is a priceless tool in getting the best possible ACT score. ACT prep helps students become familiar with the ACT, get a lot of practice through doing practice tests and questions, and learn strategies to become better standardized test takers. A good score on the ACT will make a student more competitive for college admission, merit-based financial aid and scholarships, and future employment opportunities.