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In just over one year the College Board will begin administering the “Redesigned SAT,” an updated version of the current SAT.

The first redesigned test will be given on March 5, 2016.

Click here to have a look at the College Board’s New SAT homepage.

Why is the SAT changing?

  • the College Board seeks to make the SAT more relevant to student’s academic success in college and more in-line with “real world” critical thinking skills
  • the material on the new test is designed to correspond more with what students are learning in high school classes
  • like any business, the SAT also needs to innovate to ensure its continued success
  • last year the ACT had more test takers than the SAT for the first time ever and our guess is that the SAT is feeling the competitive pressure

What will be different about the New SAT?

  • only four multiple choice answers instead of the current five
  • some math sections will prohibit the use of a calculator
  • the test will return to a 1600 point score system instead of the current 2400 point system
  • math topics will be more advanced (Trigonometry, Algebra II, etc.)
  • the essay will be longer and require analysis of source documents
  • all sections of the test will require students to analyze written arguments and support their analysis with evidence
  • there will no longer be a “penalty” for guessing on the New SAT

This New York Times article does good job of summing up the forthcoming changes and the rationale behind them.

Please refer back to our website frequently in the coming months. We’ll be posting in depth about of the changes on the New SAT.