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Standardized testing is a critical aspect of the college admissions process, often playing a substantial role in determining college options and financial aid offers. With this in mind, students across the nation study and prepare for the ACT with the intent to achieve their highest score possible. However, receiving test scores is only part of the process: understanding them and learning from mistakes is equally important. This is where the Test Information Release (TIR) for ACT scores comes into play.

The Test Information Release (TIR) is a valuable service offered by ACT that allows students to receive a copy of the test questions, their answers, and the correct answers for the test they took. It provides students with an opportunity to review their performance, identify their mistakes, and gain insights into the specific areas where they need improvement. In this blog post, we’ll explore the potential benefits of the TIR service, how it can empower you to achieve your best possible ACT scores, and other available options for analyzing your test performance.

What Is the Test Information Release (TIR)?

The TIR service has typically been available for three national ACT test dates each year: December, April, and June. For the 2023-2024 school year, TIR is available for the September, April, and June tests. When you order the TIR service, you receive a copy of the test questions, a list of your answers, and the correct answers. This valuable resource is like having the answer key to the test, allowing you to thoroughly analyze your performance.

Why Should You Consider Using the TIR Service?

1. Gain Insights into Your Performance

Receiving your ACT score is just the beginning of the journey. Knowing your composite score is one thing, but understanding your strengths and weaknesses is equally important. With the TIR service, you can review each question and see which ones you answered correctly and which ones you got wrong. This detailed feedback helps you identify patterns in your performance, pinpoint the types of questions you struggle with, and develop a focused study plan.

2. Learn from Your Mistakes

One of the key benefits of the TIR service is the ability to review the questions you answered incorrectly. This is a unique opportunity to learn from your mistakes and understand why you got a particular question wrong. By understanding your errors, you can avoid making the same mistakes in the future, ultimately improving your ACT performance.

3. Focus Your Test Preparation

Armed with the test questions and answers, you can tailor your test preparation to address your specific weaknesses. Whether it’s brushing up on certain math concepts, practicing reading comprehension strategies, or refining your science reasoning skills, you can work on precisely what you need to improve.

4. Reduce Test Anxiety

Knowing what to expect on test day can help reduce anxiety. With the TIR service, you can become familiar with the types of questions that appear on the ACT and gain confidence in your ability to tackle them. This can be especially beneficial for students who experience test anxiety.

5. Increase Your ACT Score

Ultimately, the goal of using the TIR service is to improve your ACT score. By understanding your performance, addressing your weaknesses, and preparing more effectively, you have a higher chance of achieving your target score. This can open doors to a wider range of colleges and scholarship opportunities.


How to Order the Test Information Release

To benefit from the TIR service, follow these steps:

  1. Register for a national ACT test date in December, April, or June.
  2. Select the TIR service during the registration process or order it later by contacting ACT, Inc. The TIR service costs $32 if the order is placed during registration and $40 if the order is placed after the test.
  3. After taking the test, eagerly await the TIR materials. They are typically released a few weeks after scores are published.


The Test Information Release for ACT scores is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to maximize their performance on the ACT, but it won’t be available for another six months. If you don’t want to wait until the April ACT, Mindfish can tailor a program to your particular needs to help you dissect your test performance, learn from your mistakes, and create a personalized study plan that focuses on your specific weaknesses. For students just beginning to prepare for standardized tests, our Practice Test Program will help you determine whether the SAT or ACT is the better test for you by providing a breakdown of practice test scores that is identical to what you would see on the TIR (or QAS/SAS from the SAT). Our 1-on-1 Test Prep Tutoring Programs pair you with a tutor to specifically address content and strategies for the test that will help you maximize your score. In addition, you can also take unlimited practice tests and receive the same detailed score breakdown for every single of them!

If you’re looking to jump start your standardized test prep with our Practice Test Program or 1-on-1 tutoring, reach out to our Admin team at 720-204-1041 or admin@mindfish.com.