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Watch Your SAT Scores Grow With Mindfish’s SAT Test Prep Programs

Say “Good Bye” to anxiety brought on by the SAT. Backed by our proprietary resources, Mindfish’s tutors will review test content, strategies, and time and stress management skills, so that students walk into the SAT fully-equipped to achieve their best potential score. Whether students need to hone their skills or rebuild them from the ground up, Mindfish has the secret sauce to support students for all their SAT needs.

An Adaptive Approach To ACT Test Prep

The key to excelling on the ACTs rests in becoming intimately familiar with the exam and in applying Mindfish’s test taking strategies. Throughout our customized tutoring, students will meet one-on-one with tutors who have impressive credentials and firsthand knowledge about the ACT. We’ll teach you how to succeed on the ACT by familiarizing students with the test’s format.

Boost Scores With Our Academic Tutoring & Test Prep Packages

At Mindfish, we succeed when your child succeeds, which is why we only retain the best tutors with a distinguishable history in education. The renowned tutors at Mindfish remain committed to helping students transform into better learners both in and outside the classroom. From mathematics to science, our academic tutoring services cover all high school subjects.

Academic Support for Students with Learning Differences

Learning Differences – like ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia – can inhibit students from reaching their full potential. At Mindfish, our certified Learning Difference Specialists work with students to reach educational goals through a personalized, multi-sensory approach. Mindfish’s LD experts are trained to work with a multitude of learning differences that may interfere with cognition, organization skills, retention of content, and processing speed. Through careful diagnostic assessments, we always deliver customize curricula containing developmentally-appropriate methods and strategies for various academic subjects and standardized tests.

Take advantage of our extensive test prep and academic tutoring programs by meeting with a Mindfish instructor for one-on-one tutoring! Call (720) 204-1041 today!